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Üsame Öz

I want to tell my biography through a poem I wrote.

I was a glass
I was drinking water like everyone else
Then one day my worst nightmare came true
My glass broke
My whole life was based on this glass
I tried desperately to put all the pieces together
No matter what I did
I couldn't repair it
I tried desperately to understand the problem
Was the degree of making the glass wrong?
Was I using the wrong materials?
Was i using a wrong technique?
I tried to repair it
I tried to establish an order
That glass was my everything
That glass was me, ME!
How can I live without that glass?
How can I drink water?
I don't know
How can i live, i don't know
Then I realized
That glass wasn't me
I wasn't the glass that I loved as much as my life
Who am I then?
I don't know
I can't find myself
All my life I thought I was that glass
There is no glass, I am
But I don't have a place
I don't have a home
I don't have a shape
I'm in the hearts of all glasses

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